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2016 China Raw material risen in price, metal-shell connector factory

2016 China Raw material risen in price, metal-shell connector factory
2016-12-26 14:27:19

 Since 2016, China's industrial circle have been boiling because all raw materials spurt in prices.

 Last two months are traditional peak season in China but may factories have to closed and afraid accept any order.

A new a wave of bankruptcy is coming.

Copper increased : 30%

Stainless steel increased: 40%

aluminum increased: 30%

zinc alloy increased: 30%

steel increased: 30%

PE increased: 30%

PVC increased: 60%

paper materials increased : 100%

Enchuang as a metal-shell connector factory, we will survival and continue provide the high end zamak die casting metal-shell connector for customers.

Price is important in business, not the only thing. we still need the good service and qualified quality.

We will support you to bulid better business.

Enchuang specialize in OEM manufacturing to produce high quality zinc alloy die casting electronic connector components.

Our business range: metal housing for industrial connector,automotive connector, communication connector,computer connectors and customized electronic parts ect.

Enchuang is the first tier supplier that service for Amphenol. Our quality,service and price are what set us apart.


Join us today...Let us help your projects and business succeed!





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